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#205527 - 10/25/23 03:10 PM What's it "used" for?
Captain Chris Stanaback Offline
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I get this question all the time. A difficult one to answer, for sure. I was wondering what "actual" use do you "use" your favorite RMK(S) for? Household, camping, fishing, hunting, general utility, etc....Show us.
Thanks, Capt. Chris
PS: A recent topic on these forums showed one of my "uses" for my Trapper (Model #25-5") in carbon steel, cleaning a Bama whitetail doe...CCS

------Bama Bound (Forums)-A.jpg

------Bama Bound (Forums)-I.jpg

------Bama Bound (Forums)-HH.jpg

------Bama Bound (Forums)-G.jpg

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Capt.Chris Stanaback
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#205528 - 10/25/23 03:57 PM Re: What's it "used" for? [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
pappy19 Offline
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That's the way it works. Very nice Cap!!

Mike Allen
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#205529 - 10/25/23 04:48 PM Re: What's it "used" for? [Re: pappy19]
Kirko Offline
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When I heard you used the model-3-5 I snapped it up when you offered one on you site here. My brother used one for deer hunting since 1975 also. Capt. you are the type of guy think of learning from just watching and listening to.

#205532 - 10/25/23 08:02 PM Re: What's it "used" for? [Re: Kirko]
JerryG Offline
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Great question! I think a lot of knife enthusiasts have high hopes of using our knives as intended. Fighting with a model 1 fighter, surviving in the wilderness with a model 18 survival knife, etc. Truth is, at least in my case, it's much more mundane tasks than that. I backcountry camp quite a bit, and primitive camp almost exclusively, and the reality is I use my knives to open freeze dried meals most frequently. Yes, my #25-5 is used on whitetails and other game. Not nearly as often as I'd like but that's another story.

Sorry, that's not an RMK in the picture but that's typically what I use a knife for when I'm out in the woods camping.



#205534 - 10/26/23 09:25 AM Re: What's it "used" for? [Re: JerryG]
Art DeCamp Offline
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Photos of some of my favorite Randalls being used for their intended purposes. My carving set doing up the Thanksgiving turkey. A brown button Model 7-4-1/2"" ready for whatever comes up while splitting some firewood a few years back! My favorite Model 7-4-1/2" doing its job on a deer.

------2015 Carving Turkey 2.jpg



Art DeCamp

#205535 - 10/26/23 09:29 AM Re: What's it "used" for? [Re: JerryG]
mic214 Offline
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Mick Olson

#205539 - 10/27/23 07:57 AM Re: What's it "used" for? [Re: mic214]
Leatherman Offline
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Standard model 14 in use.




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