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#202826 - 02/01/23 12:29 PM Last Days in Bama...
Captain Chris Stanaback Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 09/14/05
Posts: 12733
Loc: Central Florida
So....I'll be driving up this upcoming weekend for the last of this season's whitetail hunting. Like last year, I was not able to go as much as I'd like..."BUT"...that's the way life goes sometimes.
I have a proposal for all y'all...& maybe, as Kelly hinted, we'll get a way-cool hunting RMK raffled because of it. Everyone's welcome to participate and (at least for now) it costs nothing!
I'm taking one of my "Captain's STASH" knives with me to use on a whitetail or hog, if I'm fortunate to score on one or the tuther. Here's the deal:
* Best Guess: Tell me the following...
* RMK Model
* Options
* Current catalog price
...I don't expect anyone to score perfect on this one..."BUT"...the one who comes closest gets 5 free raffle numbers...!!! Raffle what? You ask?
I'm going to build one just like the one I carry with me. There will be 100 raffle numbers, as in the past with cost per raffle number to be determined by the model and options. This knife will be made and ready-for-delivery prior to the upcoming (2023-24) hunting season.
Even if you do not care to participate in the raffle...PLEASE...play the guessing game. Again: At the onset, the price is FREE!
Stay Sharp, Capt. Chris

------Copy of 11 pt. & 30-06  Pt. #2.jpg

Capt.Chris Stanaback
RKS #016
NRA Lifetime Member
WEBSITE: www.captstanaback.com

#202827 - 02/01/23 01:27 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
Holzinger258 Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 09/14/05
Posts: 1754
Loc: The Desert Southwest
I'll try...
RMK Model #5
Options: O1, 5-inch, thumb notches, stag
Current catalog price: $580
RKS #258

#202828 - 02/01/23 02:03 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: Holzinger258]
Windsor Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 08/12/15
Posts: 1883
Loc: Texas!
Model 3-6"

#6 grind, TN, NS1, stag, WT

Current catalog price: $700

#202829 - 02/01/23 02:24 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
LarryWW1246 Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 03/20/06
Posts: 1752
A couple of guesses:

Choice 1:
Model 3-5” $465
Tool Steel N/C
Model 6 grind N/C
Thumb Notches $40
Brass Hilt N/C
Standard Spacers N/C
Stag $75
Compass $35
Total $: $615

Choice 2:
Model 6 Steak Knife 4-1/2” $525
Stainless Steel N/C
Thumb Notches $40
Nickel Silver Reduced Hilt N/C
Stag N/C
Compass $35
Model E Cover Sheath $65
Total $: $665
Larry W. Williams
RKCC #CM-041
ABKA #046
RKS #1246

#202830 - 02/01/23 02:26 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
GCTom41 Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 01/25/10
Posts: 2370
Loc: NY

Happy Hunting!

Model 7-4 1/2" carbon steel, B' Sheath

Brass Sngl. Sq'd. Hilt & Brass Butt Cap, TN, Stag, WT

Current catalog price: $655

Tom Flynn
Tom Flynn
NRA Endowment
SCI Life Member
DSC Life Member

#202831 - 02/01/23 04:09 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: GCTom41]
Brent Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 11/06/16
Posts: 299
Loc: Mid Michigan
Large Stanaback Special, Slab sided stag with finger grooves,NS hilt, red/aluminum spacers,compass and wrist thong.
Current catalog price, way beyond my means currently.
Good luck!
Where ever you go, there you are

#202833 - 02/01/23 05:01 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: Brent]
Uncle Mike Online
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 10/09/21
Posts: 271
Loc: Wisconsin
Hi, 5 6” $525, stainless, regards, Mike
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
Benjamin Franklin

Mike C
RKCC No. 825

#202835 - 02/01/23 05:22 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: Uncle Mike]
Happy Birthday pappy19 Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 10/31/07
Posts: 7396
Loc: Garden Valley, Idaho
Cap, since you are a Model 3-5" fan, here's my guess:

Model 3-5"
Carbon steel
#6 grind
RWB Spacers
Thumb Notches
NS hilt squared
Stag handle
Wrist Thong
C no hone waxed sheath

Mike Allen
True West Magazine Maniac
Randall Collector
Behring Made Collector
Ruana Collector
Glock Fan
NRA- Life Member since 1975

#202836 - 02/01/23 06:10 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
rodbrown Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 2128
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Model 5-5”. $465.00
Tool steel. N/C
NSH. 35.00
Stag. 75.00
FG. 40.00
Thong. 40.00
Total. $ 655.00
Rod Brown
RKS 3846
Whether you think you can or can not, you are right.

#202839 - 02/01/23 06:42 PM Re: Last Days in Bama... [Re: rodbrown]
RUTROW Offline
Knife Enthusiast

Registered: 10/20/20
Posts: 213
Loc: TX
model 26 with non standard handle +

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