Howdy friends! James and I capped off the year with a bang and we couldn't be more appreciative of the support from all of you that's helped to drive us forward toward success. The store has frequently been sold out and it's a humbling thing to see knives moving at such a rate. Of the 63 we started forging on 01/02/20, 40 were set to be due for the store. Through calls / emails / texts and walk-ins we're down to 25 and I haven't even listed them yet (but I will today!!).

Things are changing here at BMK to keep up with the times. Not only have we added a long time friend, Mike, to the team, we are also moving the shop to a location this spring- about ten miles up into the mountains north of Missoula where we can open bay doors to the woods on a hot forge day... not to mention some other upgrades that'll improve the process and have your orders in hand even faster than before. We broke ground on the new shop this last fall and with the wheels moving it's safe to say we're incredibly excited for this change. With a few months left and only a handful of batches to go, something to consider is that when we move there will be a change in the name stamp- retiring the J. Behring Jr. Montana stamp between the Kris fighters for good. James has used it since he opened this shop in June of 2011 and it would only be right to change it up to something new after nine years.

Thanks for being on board with us! Cheers to what lies ahead boys.


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Grant Cunningham