Yes members, I have been absent for the past couple of weeks. Hunting season in Bama is winding down and, after this upcoming weekend, I'll be back in full swing here, there and everywhere. I have been monitoring even though communications are less than perfect "in the woods"...(That's what I like about it)!
To move things along, I would ask someone (Billy, James, etc.) to move our build to the top and I'll wrap it it up this evening. Also: If you would like to move forward with a project, similar to Pappy's suggestion, we can proceed with that also. I think a
park theme is good but limiting it to "YELLOW"stone? Pretty limited...just my thoughts.
So...Let's get back at it and, in the meantime, I have some new "topics" that I'm working on also to create some new interest.
Stay sharp, Capt. Chris

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