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#171592 - 06/06/18 10:27 AM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? * [Re: W Polidori]
Windsor Offline
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Originally Posted By: W Polidori
Nosler BT's are very velocity sensitive. Box even lists effective velocity range. They seem to excel at long range and not blow apart.

After sleeping on this, I realized that you were probably remembering the first generation of BTs from Nosler (now called "BT Varmint"). Those were notorious for blowing apart if not deployed correctly.

#171629 - 06/06/18 08:51 PM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: Windsor]
W Polidori Online
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No I was recalling some of the community on .257 WBY. At close range the BT's have alot of negative comments. Too hot for the jacket; longer range no issues. The Accubond seems to be a great bullet as is the 117 gr Hornady.

#171764 - 06/10/18 10:28 PM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: pappy19]
tomthbomb Offline
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Originally Posted By: pappy19
Agreed. Last week on 60 Minutes, they had an extensive portion of the program dedicated to the faulty Remington triggers. Remington is still not doing a mass recall, but will change it out. Some say even their newer triggers aren't much better.


I bought a Winchester model 43 in 32-20 thirty years ago at a local gun show. Why I don't know, I just like the small centerfire cartridges.

When I took it to the range I chambered a round. When the bolt locked up the round fired. I never touched the trigger.

It went to the back of the safe and has never been brought back out.

When I looked for an image of a model 43 to post here (because nobody has ever heard of it) I found one for sell on Gun Broker NIB for sale for $5,695. whistle
Tom Welch
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#171775 - 06/11/18 08:05 AM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: tomthbomb]
Wayne Dengler Offline
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Sounds to me that the firing pin in that bolt was "frozen" in the forward position.

Probably if you soaked the bolt in Kroil or Gibbasize,it would loosen up.

I presume that you still have the piece???

Top Dog

#172211 - 06/20/18 06:00 PM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: tomthbomb]
Captain Chris Stanaback Offline
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I have owned, shot & hunted with:
* #43 in 22 Hornet
* #43 in 218 Bee
The later, I think, now belongs to Jason Randall. Both were tack drivers!
Best, Capt. Chris
Capt.Chris Stanaback
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#172851 - 07/07/18 11:04 PM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
Steel6 Online
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Favorite cartridge 30-06
Favorite whitetail deer rifle - Ruger M-77 30-06
Fun rifles - 98 Mauser custom in .257 Roberts and Winchester 94 in 30-30.

Future whitetail deer rifle - Ruger M-77 7x57 Mauser

As more new rifle cartridges get introduced and hyped up by the gun writers, the more I fall back on older classic cartridges.

Dad's favorites - .270 Winchester and .35 Whelen

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#172852 - 07/07/18 11:54 PM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: Steel6]
pappy19 Offline
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My favorite caliber, 30-06 for big game. Pronghorn down, 22-250. Fun shooter, 22-250, and it will kill deer and elk too.

Mike Allen
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#172855 - 07/08/18 11:12 AM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: pappy19]
coachblalock Offline
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My favorites:

White tails: 30.06 150 grain boat tailed spritzer. (Id have to look up the powder.)

Hogs: 30.06 220 grain core loc Remington factory.

Coyotes: .220 Swift 55 grain FMJ Hornady factory.

But I have to admit, I am beginning to like my .308 more & more for all 3 of the above.
"Filet that fish? Hell naw! I'll scale him, gut him, fry him up in grease, take him by the head and tail, and play him like a French Harp!" - Uncle Paul sometime in the 60s.

#172858 - 07/08/18 03:24 PM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: coachblalock]
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Originally Posted By: coachblalock
I am beginning to like my .308 more & more

I love my .308 takedown lever action.
RKS #258

#172862 - 07/08/18 05:24 PM Re: What "Caliber" of person are you? [Re: Holzinger258]
Billy Poyner Offline
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Loc: Mississippi
For real serious work I favor
30.06 and the .308
Both calibers are part of our history!!!!
Billy Poyner
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NRA Endowment

Sometimes you're the dog. Sometimes you're the tree.

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