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#205434 - 10/10/23 12:42 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
GCTom41 Offline
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Thanks for sharing the pic's!

Tom Flynn
Tom Flynn
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#205435 - 10/10/23 12:50 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
Captain Chris Stanaback Offline
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Ramking, Crazy Cajun, Doc Workman, Rick Hanas, The "Silvas", amongst a good many more were in attendance. Thanks to many of the above for making the set-up and breakdown easy on me. I appreciate it!
Capt. Chris
PS: Speaking of "The Silvas", below they are (Nelson & Isabel "Izzy")
PPS: Thanks to James for emailing one more photo to me: Left-to-right:
Rick Hanas: Scott: Capt. Chris: James: Aaron

------RMK's Shop Sale-2023-G.jpeg

------RMK's Shop Sale-2023-J.jpg

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Capt.Chris Stanaback
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#205436 - 10/10/23 01:03 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
Uncle Mike Offline
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NICE! Mike
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
Benjamin Franklin

Mike C
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#205437 - 10/10/23 04:57 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Uncle Mike]
BladesNBarrels Offline
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Thanks for posting.
Looks like a good sale!
David Loomis
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Molon Labe

#205438 - 10/10/23 05:45 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: BladesNBarrels]
CrazyCajun Offline
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Yeah, It was a good one. Weather was Florida Cool. Inventory was great! had a few "Especiales" I was able to grab 1 for each hand!!!! Great seeing the Gang, as I've missed Blade the last few years!!!
Steve Daugherty
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#205439 - 10/10/23 09:13 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: CrazyCajun]
Nelson Offline
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Isabel and I had an awesome time. Seeing so many friends at the Randall Knives fall stock sale was so nice. We can’t wait to do it again next year God willing.
The Silva’s
Nelson Silva
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#205440 - 10/10/23 09:44 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Nelson]
Billy Poyner Offline
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Thanks for posting up the pic's.Enjoyed them
Billy Poyner
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Proud to have served my country 67-69

#205441 - 10/10/23 09:59 PM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Billy Poyner]
Shoot870p Offline
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Looks like a nice selection at the start. I got distracted and forgot to call in!
Waiting on Spring I guess.
Thank Cap for posting the photos.

#205452 - 10/13/23 01:36 AM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Shoot870p]
Larry Ducati Offline
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In the photo of the display case, I can see the sign on the shelf saying the model 28 is now available in maroon micarta. The Randall online catalog says that is not available in full tang knives. Wondering if the other restricted ivorite color micarta might now be available in this knife, (or other full tang knives) too?
I noticed the Capt. has said there is a new ivorite material in the shop.

#205456 - 10/13/23 10:35 AM Re: Fall Stock Sale!! [Re: Larry Ducati]
RamKingJC Offline
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[quote=Larry Ducati]In the photo of the display case, I can see the sign on the shelf saying the model 28 is now available in maroon micarta.

The sign on the shelf does NOT say anything about #28's now available in any other color besides black or green.
The sign says those are the Shop Sale Specials...only available through the sale. 10 were made, 10 were sold.
James Caruso

"First comes smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire."

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