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Closed Length 4.5
Weight (oz) 6.8

Information on this Bill Scagel piece comes to us through Paul Basch. Every effort to provide accurate and authenticated information is made, but with a knife such as this, it can prove difficult. We are told this was a knife Bill Scagel made in the early 1900's and personally carried and that the shield, on the stag scales, is made from a coin (were the shield removed, the back side would show the coinage - something we are not going to test). The liners appear to be non-magnetic but their metallurgy is unknown. The arrowhead shield is marked "W. Scagel Handmade". The tangs of each blade, while recessed back into the scales, are also stamped "Scagel Handmade". The scales are pinned with steel pins. The source of the steel for the forged blades is unknown. Blade Steel: Forged Steel

I have a question for connoisseurs - can it be that the spring material and the blade material are the same metal with the same degree of hardening?

In my opinion, an indirect sign of this is that here the length of the spring from the tip to the hole is about 3 1/4 inches, this is very unusual for slipjoints, besides douk-douk. This length is only necessary if the spring is very stiff. Perhaps he made the spring and blades of one metal and tempered together? It is very interesting to talk about it.

------Scagel William Two Blade Stag and Horn Personal Folder 1.jpg

------Scagel William Two Blade Stag and Horn Personal Folder 3.jpg


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