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#184352 - 10/31/19 11:18 AM Re: Eagle Canyon ***** [Re: Wayne Dengler]
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Originally Posted By: Wayne Dengler
Really nice pics. Umm,that house looks like mine!!!


Swasey's Cabin
Sounds like it was a "Line Shack"

"The Swasey brothers, Joe, Sid, Charley, and Rod, were some of the early cattlemen that explored the San Rafael Swell while running cattle there in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You find their names on many features in the Swell such as Sid and Charley Tower, Joe and His Dog, Sid's Leap, etc. The stories and places they have roamed have given them a larger than life persona. It is hard to imagine wandering the Swell when it was so remote and little known.

In 1921, Joe Swasey built what is known as Swasey's Cabin in the heart of the Swell. The cabin was to be used as shelter by the Swasey's and other cowboys when running cattle in the area. Almost 100 years later, the cabin still stands in its picturesque spot near Broken Cross Tower."

Got to put that on the Places to Visit list!

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#185233 - 01/05/20 05:54 PM Inversion weather [Re: Peter_Kaufman]
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We are having an inversion in the lower altitudes below 7000 ft so it is cloudy, foggy with little sun right now.
We hoped to get above the clouds on Saturday, but for the most part we did not. We went to Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park in our attempt. Our main hike was unsuccessful, but we drove to Grandview point afterwards and went on the short trail to the overlook for Junction Butte and the White rim and we got some really cool photos. The butte is about .75 miles away from where I took the photos and there is about 800 foot drop between


Description: Me at over look with Junction Butte in back


Description: Junction butte peeking out


Description: panoramic of LaSal mts to the butte


Description: another view of butte


Description: view of the white rim


Description: frost covered pinion


Description: poor visibility, don't get lost


Description: one last butte

Peter Kaufman
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#185234 - 01/05/20 10:26 PM Re: Inversion weather [Re: Peter_Kaufman]
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Breath taking!
Thank you

#185235 - 01/05/20 10:29 PM Re: Inversion weather [Re: Sharpi]
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Very cool, no pun, pictures.


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#185236 - 01/06/20 07:38 AM Re: Inversion weather [Re: Peter_Kaufman]
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Your best ever pic's, amazing!

Tom Flynn
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#185237 - 01/06/20 08:54 AM Re: Inversion weather [Re: Peter_Kaufman]
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WOW Peter ... some of your best photos yet!

Tony LaPetri

#185239 - 01/06/20 02:45 PM Re: Inversion weather [Re: TonyLaPetri]
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It's official, I'm jealous.

#185245 - 01/06/20 04:29 PM Re: Inversion weather [Re: Windsor]
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Nat-Geo stuff Peter really beautiful.

#185247 - 01/06/20 06:39 PM Re: Inversion weather [Re: Peter_Kaufman]
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You should be the official photographer of the Forum. Thank you for sharing.

I have seen inversions, but no pics.
Rod Brown
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#185249 - 01/06/20 08:18 PM Re: Inversion weather [Re: rodbrown]
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Awesome pictures!!!

And my guess is that it was even more awesome in person.

Thanks, Peter for putting these on the forum!
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