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#177245 - 01/02/19 11:55 AM Randall Carbon Steel corrosion care
Gene RK user Offline
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Corrosion: I have never had any problems over the years with my Stainless Randall models. However, my regular Carbon Steel models tarnish over time. I have regularly used Brownells Rust Preventative #2, but my 2-5 and 5-4 just won’t stay long without black stains. Your recommendations?

#177247 - 01/02/19 01:51 PM Re: Randall Carbon Steel corrosion care [Re: Gene RK user]
Windsor Offline
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Flitz polish will leave a protective layer so long as you don't wash it off with another cleaner.

#177249 - 01/02/19 01:56 PM Re: Randall Carbon Steel corrosion care [Re: Windsor]
W Polidori Online
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I have personally not used Marine Tuf Cloth but I heard good things about it.

#177253 - 01/02/19 02:58 PM Re: Randall Carbon Steel corrosion care [Re: W Polidori]
Boomer51 Offline
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A little Ren Wax has always worked well on my 01 blades and a can of it should last you for years. I use it on some of my collector firearms and swords as well - great stuff.

#177256 - 01/02/19 04:20 PM Re: Randall Carbon Steel corrosion care [Re: W Polidori]
tunefink Offline
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I use Marine Tuff Cloth on all of my old carbon fighters. Great product!
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#177306 - 01/07/19 02:26 AM Re: Randall Carbon Steel corrosion care [Re: tunefink]
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Mine are in a very harsh humid environment and all are wrapped in VCD paper like the paper found on new bearings in boxes etc but first coated in a spray grease. Seems to work for me. Also a bit of gun oil mixed in sometimes.
I probably have 50/50 carbon and steel blades. None are used as I have plenty of other users to play with


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