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#174725 - 09/28/18 09:02 AM Case Knives
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Like Randall, Case is another American made classic with a long storied history. This particular model with its dedicated sheepsfoot blade was made in 1971. It is the perfect barn knife for opening feed bags, cutting baling twine, rope, leather, etc. No point makes it safe around the horses too. Its straight edge and full flat grind easily whittles fatwood shavings for campfire starts.

Anyone else carry a Case knife?

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#174730 - 09/28/18 11:39 AM Re: Case Knives [Re: TAH]
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I did as a kid, lost it a long time ago.

#174731 - 09/28/18 11:40 AM Re: Case Knives [Re: TAH]
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Case knives--who hasn't owned and used them over the years?!

This one has field dressed many whitetail deer, and cleaned many pheasants and grouse.

It is still a solid working knife.


------Case knife feathers.jpg

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#174733 - 09/28/18 12:31 PM Re: Case Knives [Re: LarryWW1246]
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Long time fishing knife. I have lost them by the Colorado streams, even with the bright yellow handle.


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#174737 - 09/28/18 05:18 PM Re: Case Knives [Re: BladesNBarrels]
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Always had one of those in my tackle box.

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