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#173677 - 08/08/18 07:47 PM Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors
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Spent 3 1/2 days with my wife's Aunt and cousins in Northern Ontario. Got a bunch of work done, but had a great day of fishing as well.

First: My wife's cousin with a lake trout. Did not weigh him, but guessed around 10 lbs. The weight will no doubt go up, as the years pass!!!
Second: What we kept, a couple lake trout and couple bass. Man was it great eating.
Third: When we got back to the cabin, the women had picked these chantrelle mushrooms.

I gutted and cut the heads off the fish with my 5-4. But the mosquitoes did not let us hang around and take any more pics.




Rod Brown
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#173679 - 08/08/18 08:05 PM Re: Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors [Re: rodbrown]
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The skeeters went back and told the other skeeters what they caught
Billy Poyner
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#173690 - 08/08/18 10:24 PM Re: Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors [Re: Billy Poyner]
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What a beautiful day on the water fishing that looks to have been. Thanks for posting those Rod.
Southwest VA

#173696 - 08/09/18 04:42 AM Re: Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors [Re: Duke]
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Nature is pretty there. Sounds like a perfect day!
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#173698 - 08/09/18 09:21 AM Re: Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors [Re: rodbrown]
Peter_Kaufman Offline
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Looks like you had a great time and a delicious meal
Good to see you having an outdoor adventure

Peter Kaufman
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#173712 - 08/09/18 09:00 PM Re: Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors [Re: Peter_Kaufman]
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Anyday fishing is great. You can keep the skeeters. They love me unfortunately. Thanks for sharing. Surprised no Kings, they're running hard. Our side of Ontario they're killing it this year.

#173714 - 08/09/18 10:15 PM Re: Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors [Re: W Polidori]
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I always keep some fresh dryer sheets in a zippy to rub on me when the skeeters come out. Won't sustain a huge assault, but will keep the majority away.

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#173725 - 08/11/18 10:05 AM Re: Fish, mosquitoes and the great outdoors [Re: pappy19]
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Never heard that one Pappy, but as bad as the mosquito's are this year in Central Florida, I'll have no problem giving this a try. Having to keep a can of insect repellant on the front porch these days. Thanks for the tip....


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