For sale:

Dave Beck Two Knife Tandem Set

$1670 + Shipping. CONUS

Long Blade model G WSK Tracker Knife and Scout Knife

Black Micarta scales on both with Loveless bolts.

Model G has tapered tang and saw teeth. 7-1/2 inch blade. 0.25 thick.

Scout blade is 4-1/4. 0.125 thick.

Sheath is hand made by Mr. Beck.

Purchased from Miles a few years back. Stored away unsheathed since. Never used. Pictures are from Miles website. Used with permission. I am much too lazy to reshoot the pictures and not near as good at photography as he is.

Wife requesting an inventory reduction. Shall we say, I’ve acquired too many sharp toys.

David Beck’s website is still up if you like the particulars. The claim to fame is a slightly shorter blade version of this knife, made by Dave, is the one seen in the movie “The Hunted”. Lots of copies out there.

As of Spring 2017, Mr. Beck is not taking orders for these. Currently unknown as to whether or not you will ever be able to get in queue. Has always been a 2 year wait.

Yearly fee paid.

------WSK 1.jpg

------WSK 2.jpg

------WSK 3.jpg

Doug Ericson, MD
NSSA Master Skeet Instructor
Neophyte Randall Enthusiast