Had one of them, too, essentially same time period, and a far nicer knife than any issue stuff of the time (Camillus and then Ontario, as I recall). Gave it away to some kid, too. The Camillus older stuff from that above pictured period had crooked grind lines, blotchy parkerize, but really wicked thin edges.

The actual KaBar was used a great deal (by then, HAD to dye it black) , and did not seem near as weak a knife. The later Ontario issue knives extremely thick edged and tipped, really TOO thick, but frequently broke inside handle at tang from being too hard.

But, anyhow, thanks for posting all the great old knives. These are the ones which were carried by 99% of all servicemen, and quite a tribute collection.

PS.....(psst, tickets to your museum when it opens, don't forget.)

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