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#153193 - 11/12/16 04:22 PM Gerber folding knives
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blade length 3.7"

I bought the knife a few hours ago. He looks slightly grim.
I took it due to good shape of the blade and the handle,
nice steel and the fact that he made in US.
(I want to compare his quality retention edge with my Buck 110 S30V)

The biggest thing I do not understand - this is very conflicting information,
reviews about company Gerber.

Very many praise quality and reliable, but many blamed in poor build quality,
poor quality materials and bad warranty service.

This is just opinions what I have read on various forums.
Before that I did not have a single knife Gerber,
I can not say anything. I myself will write my experience here,
when I get it in my hands and will be used
for its intended purpose.

But until that happens, I am very interested and I would
be grateful if you tell your opinion and experience
about using Gerber folding knives smile

------Gerber 31-002718 Decree S30V 1.jpg

------Gerber 31-002718 Decree S30V 2.jpg

------Gerber 31-002718 Decree S30V 5.jpg

------Gerber 31-002718 Decree S30V 6.jpg

------Gerber 31-002718 Decree S30V 7.jpg

------Gerber 31-002718 Decree S30V 8.jpg

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#153194 - 11/12/16 07:43 PM Re: Gerber folding knives [Re: desert.snake]
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I had no real issues with Gerbers. I carried them daily for years until I graduated to Benchmades; that was back around 1997. So obviously my familiarity with current Gerbers is not immense.

They seem to feel a bit flimsier than Benchmades to me, with a definite "angular" grip feel. Some might say that's an apples-to-oranges comparison; I'd agree. I was not at all impressed by their multi tool, I'll say that. It was very oddly engineered compared to a Leatherman.

I look forward to your review.
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#153216 - 11/14/16 12:48 AM Re: Gerber folding knives [Re: Tracer]
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er, what Tracer said, mostly.

(side distraction: I'm a fan of the Gerber "Legend" multi-tool, was better than the Leatherman offerings back in 2002.)

#191220 - 12/20/20 07:43 AM Re: Gerber folding knives [Re: Knife Sharpener]
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This forum is for knife discussions. Every post you put up is a shill for your website. I will continue to remove them. You can "pay" for a banner ad or you can participate in our discussions.
If more, non-compliant, posting continues I will take further action.
Thanks, Capt. Chris
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#191928 - 02/01/21 02:55 PM Re: Gerber folding knives [Re: Captain Chris Stanaback]
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It's good that the topic surfaced, I even forgot about it a little))

In general, I received a knife a long time ago, used it and eventually presented it to a friend who is not so picky about cutting properties.

The handle is comfortable and does not slip. The lock could have been made thicker, in real it doesn't look very reliable.

The steel here is quite well hardened, does not hold sharpness as long as Buck, but it's easier to sharpen. I did not like the thickness of the blade edge ~ 0.8 mm, it would be more suitable for a large utility knife. I mean this thickness

On the other hand, the knife is positioned as a tactical knife, perhaps because of the intended use, such a thickness was chosen, and I used it as an EDC. That is, what I do not like is just my expectations from a product designed for slightly different tasks.

The main thing is that my friend completely likes it, and I switched to thinner knives that cut well smile
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