Mossberg Shock Wave

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Mossberg Shock Wave - 03/31/18 09:46 AM

With all of the bad happening to me lately,I decided to cheer myself up and buy a Mossberg Shock Wave.

Anyone have any experience with them? I have a couple of Model 550s and am totally happy with the Mossberg products.

Posted by: Steven

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 03/31/18 10:52 AM

I just picked one up Tuesday. It seems well made. I don't what I'll use it for, but I think it will be fun. Going to take it out and play soon.
Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/02/18 12:37 AM

I have had one since they first came out. Love a no paperwork sawed off shotgun, which is about as short as it can get and still keep max capacity. I have only ever had a problem with one new Mossberg, latching/unlatching was out of time, had to slam slide handle back to release a shell reliably, and the latch was sharp enough to cut my thumb when loading. It was back in 3 wks, worked perfectly as all the rest.

No SBS is fun to shoot in my book, not with most loads. You have two alternatives for fun.....the Winchester AA Low Noise/Low Recoil 980fps loads, which is STILL nearly a full ounce of lead doing nearly 1000fps, which has gotta hurt if slapped with one, and likely a lot better behavior modifier than a bullwhip.

The other fun way is the Aguila Mini Shells...there is an aftermarket rubber gizmo for cheap (OPSol/$15) which plugs into the bottom of the loading port which allows your Mossberg to reliably cycle the Minis all day long, nearly doubling capacity (ok, 30%), and serious loads such as their buckshot loads are mainly lighter only in payload, and have decent speed.

How reliable is the gizmo? Mossberg used it at the SHOT Show for writers to shoot the guns at the intro of the Shockwave, with no problems and great press on the guns a result, as fun had by all...
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/02/18 08:15 AM

I have heard about the adaptor for the mini shells but the problem is trying to obtain the Aguila mini shells.

I will try some of the Winchester PDX rounds and some light trap loads and see how that works.

I am fairly big (6'3",245) so hopefully can handle the SW.

The only real modification that I plan on putting on mine is an XS front sight and attach a sling.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/02/18 09:27 PM

The slide handle with strap is annoying in unfinished/relatively ends, but works quite well in maintaining control, a big problem with shorties.

Normally the front rips right through fingertips as a riff on a zither, but with the strap, the front hand not only stays tied to gun, it also helps take all the recoil off the back hand, whose middle knuckle otherwise can get rapped hard by a trigger guard as that hand slips.

It is a good gun, no taking that away at all.

As for ammo supplies, most places I have lived have been not well stocked or even stored, so, ammo ordered very easily, normally cheaper, as well.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/03/18 08:53 AM

I intend to smooth out,hopefully,the fore end strap and I will replace the plastic safety with a metal one after I smooth that out as I had heard that some folks get cuts on the hand from a sharp safety.

I have no intentions of firing 3" magnums. Probably the most stout load will be a Winchester PDX round.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/04/18 01:14 PM

Well, I have had Cruisers for years and years, from back when even THEY were controversial, always loved them, but always wished they were as short barreled as the mag tube, and got my wish with the guy who sells the Raptor grip.

HE is the super genius who first noted the loophole in the law regarding PG shotguns, cut a Cruiser back, got it ruled legal, installed a LEO barrel/magazine and his grip, sent it in and ruled legal, and Mossberg wondering why the sudden run on their LEO barrel/mag sets, and got in on the action.

When the "inventor" first started posting, I immediately cut my Cruiser back to 26 1/8th" and copied his ATF approval letters, far cheaper than ordering the barrel/mag set and grip...but, when the thing became widespread approved enough that the Shockwave came out for so cheap, I immediately latched onto one. A) it is obviously approved as a factory offering rather than me need run around with a cut barrel and letters from Mossberg that it shipped with PG and ATF letter as to 26" and over is legal with such, and B) the Shockwave works better with extra length in back, rather than front, so more muzzle clearance, plus the Raptor grip does not hammer the web of hand as everyone else's PG aside from the old Remington Witness Protection whippets with shorter knobbed grip.

It is a good gun....better even than a Cruiser.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/05/18 08:54 AM

Funny thing,in my state the Shock Waves are considered somewhat on the "iffy" legal side.
Yet you can get the Mossberg AOW/NFA pieces after paying the $5.00 or $200. fee with no controversy.

Right now,I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Shock Wave.

Just in time for the opening of the outdoor range schedule on the 14th....IF the snow clears.

I will try her out with light trap loads and then pattern it with the Winchester PDX rounds.

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/11/18 08:08 AM

My dealer got in a "Shock Wave" but it was not a Mossberg but a Remington TAC-14. I would not accept it as it is a piece of JUNK!!!

No where near the quality of 870s of years gone by. Very cheap plastic parts in place of metal ones,redesigned parts for economy and certainly not quality.

Quality control definitely not there and customer service is pretty much non-existant.

No wonder why Remington went bankrupt!!

I will be going to another dealer to pick up a real Shock Wave today.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/11/18 10:13 AM

You would have thought folks would remember the essential demise of Winchester as a...THE.... giant in the industry turning into a fading away to nothing also-ran, almost overnight, in 1964, from cheapening their entire line....but, Remington and other majors such as Smith and Wesson, simply refused to listen to the wisdom of history.

Sorry about the disappointment, and who would have thought 25yrs ago that a buyer would be able to truthfully say, "yeah, I tried to get a Mossberg, but the dealer tried to sell me a cheap Remington copy of that cool Mossberg"?

Which it is. They jumped right on the bandwagon overnight, as until then, they had resolutely refused to even sell a PG version of their gun, to avoid exactly what was done with the Cruiser.

The Mossberg is a crude but very dependable gun, and essentially an econo copy of a Remington 31 which was dropped to make room for the 870 Wingmaster, the 31 action first copied by High Standard. IF the parts are in-spec when new, a fairly bulletproof see-saw action. Any problem with the gun will always simply be a bad part easily swapped, on their dime aside from shipping there. It really is why I prefer it over even an older 870 nowadays, as no possibility of trapped shells or weak sprung flappers causing a problem in cycling. I adore my 590A1, excellent design Mossberg peep/blade, and stout enough to run the bayonet assault course, and parkerized. Matches my CAR perfectly.

As a PS, you COULD do as I did and blow another $125 on the Shockwave to turn it nearly into the issue whippet by adding the metal milspec trigger group and metal safety button. Some services bought into kits allowing mission specific configurations to be assembled. The LEO barrel/magazine is part of that kitting, and although the pistol grip WAS the normal shorter Cruiser type, am sure some Raptor grips have percolated into the system, by now, individual buys, if nothing else.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/12/18 08:34 AM

I picked up a Mossberg Shock Wave yesterday in 12 ga. I am quite happy with the way it is made.

In comparison,at least to me,it is way better than the Remington TAC-14.

I will be taking it to the outdoor range on Saturday to test it out,first with light trap loads,then Federal reduced recoil 00 buck and then what I consider "carry rounds for it,Winchester PDX1.

I agree with you,back on Jan 1,1964,Winchester,overnight,turned classics (Model 94,70,12) into clunkers.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/12/18 01:03 PM

whahoo!!new toy new toy new toy new toy play play play new toy new toy...

On a practical side, after excercising gun a good bit to wear off coatings and whatnot, a disassembly and light grease of areas showing rub marks over a general wipedown with CLP or fave gun oil will greatly improve smoothness.

Looking forward to blasting reviews....they are never what I would call truly fun, but, my, do they work....but, I am a scrawnier more guys in a helicopter 165lb build, so you might have more fun.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/13/18 07:39 AM

My standard practice is to field strip a new piece and take out the factory goop and relube it.

I use A-Zoom dummy rounds to run through it a few (ok,many) times and make sure all systems are go.

The outdoor range opens for the season tomorrow and wonder of wonders,it should be good weather until yet another cold front makes an appearance.

The next week I will take it out for several more sessions.

Range report will be made probably by Sunday morning.

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/14/18 08:37 AM

Thank you for the very good advice but I will just try to keep my Shock Wave pretty much stock. What I did do is smooth out the safety as I had heard that some folks got cuts form the sharp edges.

An XS front sight,when it comes in,will be put on. And maybe a metal safety after I smooth it out but right now the factory safety is looking pretty good.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/15/18 12:59 AM

Not suggesting any changes, but, will note that one friend actually had the plastic safety button break to pieces on his early 590 before it was called the 590, years back, after who knows how many thousands of rounds, and it was replaced with a then custom metal unit made by someone he knew.

The safety screw is made to be unscrewtable, but can be done...tightest fitting driver, and something gritty, such as brasso on blade to help prevent slipping can help a great deal.

The milspec for shotguns often quoted by Mossberg simply states required attributes, has undergone numerous revisions over the years, but essentially specifies things such as gauge, that it have a metal trigger group, metal safety button, steel be parkerized, etc etc yawn.

The 590A1 was a specific contract answer to requests from several different, and at different times, user groups beginning with Navy and Marines, for a shotgun able to handle clanging into steel coamings and bulkheads during repel boarders, and ending up being found quite good on land for hard use.

Nowadays the Marines sold on the self-loaders, despite many finding them not near as slide-action easy to maintain, but, they also can find user groups saying they never break, wear out, and are nearly self-cleaning (sound familiar?) to support their purchase.

On the lubing, when looking at Glocks one day long ago (yep, here it comes, another side track onto Gaston'z Gunz, even if discussing Coke vs Pepsi), and noting them using a unique, unnamed, magical substance that, whatever you do, don't remove it when cleaning or the gun will explode!, (copper based anti-sieze) from the factory to prevent galling of small stamped stainless parts at sear/disconnector, I decided they might know what they were doing as for a better than average idea for a gun lube. Except, I could go them one better, because both copper and graphite based anti-sieze can cause/accelerate dissimilar metal corrosion in high heat/stress enviornments, I fell back on a non-corrosive high heat anti-sieze compound on hand, which is nothing but a really pure grease with value added micro-crystalline etc (ie paraffin for all the RenWax fanatics), and the unique additive being bunches of powdered lead, a little half pint tin weighing several pounds. As many know, lead is an extremely slick metal, and this stuff is great in various gun applications, the powdered lead smears into the surface as a lubricant plating that lubes long after run dry.

So, my Mossberg, of course, got the treatment. I generally tell folk with new Mossbergs to just squirt some oil or whatever liberally and run it for a bit before messing with a real teardown and quality lube job, as it will just be crapped out right off the bat by anodize from aluminum wear spots, oxide or parkerize from the steel, and of course the usual metal as bearing surfaces seat in an unpolished modern gun.

Hope the snow holds off, we have not seen any since last weekend, this week it was dodging tornados and baseball sized hail with 25-55 normal gusting winds.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/15/18 08:02 AM

The range session with the Shock Wave went very well yesterday. Recoil was basically pretty much a non event.

With my older (1950s era) Model 500s I had no real problem with the safety screw. I will keep the metal one on the sidelines until I need it.

Hopefully they changed the formula for the plastic ones now.

Function with the new firearm was flawless and pretty much will get better as time/use goes on.

I am totally please with the product. Should have purchased one when they first came out.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/15/18 01:56 PM

Yep, it actually is more "fun" to shoot than a Cruiser, and folk have been shooting them for years.

Although I could see the Raptor grip, being free to slide, rather than pounding web of hand as with the Cruiser grip, letting safety get someone, somehow, sawed off straight grips with full powered buckshot normally have been more a problem with trigger guard slamming middle finger knuckle on bottom side.

But, the Shockwave ties the front hand to the gun, allowing it to actually hold on, for a change, as gun jets backwards, and slow it down, so, as for a safety getting someone, well, I guess it can be done, if just letting it fly loose for some reason. Like, maybe afraid of getting hurt by it, and a loose grip, which is always a worse idea than letting body move with recoil on hard kickers by holding on tight and going for the ride instead of getting hit by the ride.

I think it a great whippet. No loss of capacity and shortest front possible while keeping that capacity. If one wants a repeater and/or no paperwork, impossible to beat. I keep waiting for them to get shut down, but, as with the Cruiser, the more out there makes that less likely, the boat was missed when the law folk did not REQUIRE shotguns be shoulder fired back when the Cruiser came out, and the TC, etc.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/16/18 11:42 AM

I agree with you there.

I guess with y Bond Arms Texas Defender in 410 on my hip and the Shock Wave in the truck. I am pretty much prepared to repel any and all boarders!!!

I am darn glad that I picked mine up,should have done it when they first came out.

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/19/18 08:33 AM

I took the Shock Wave to the range again yesterday. I also had installed a large XS front sight on it.

Seems the more I fire this piece,the better I like it.

Like I had said before,the recoil is really a non-event.

Posted by: W Polidori

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/19/18 09:05 AM


Who needs a front sight on a close range scatter gun?
Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/19/18 09:11 PM

A bigger bead is a better bead as for a shotgun, for sure, Wayne, especially on the shorty.

Easy to tell you really hate the thing, with every word.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/20/18 08:30 AM

As you know,you basically just point a shotgun but it is nice to have that big XS sight out front.

Yep,I hate the Shock Wave so much that I am going to the range tomorrow to "hate" it some more.

The range officer doubted that it was NOT an NFA item as they are prohibited on the range,but I had the ATF letter in hand just in case.

So the Shock Wave was approved for me to use on the range.

If I was prohibited to use the SW on the range,then I would walk about 2 minutes to the state forest to go "hunt" for coyotes.

Lots of shots at coyotes there!!!!!

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/22/18 01:22 AM

Your range officer really impresses me as to knowledge of things gun in the last year. Only the most talked about gun in the nation at last year's SHOT show and one of most written up and one of hottest sellers nationwide. Has their finger on the pulse of the gun world, for sure, and just the knowledgeable person I trust to keep my back safe on a live fire range.

I think I would rather hunt coyote anyhow, I hate ranges for that reason, also for needing to wait for other totally self-absorbed folk to remember tape or stapler the first trip downrange or spending 20mins with a laser surveying instrument to measure buckshot patterns from scoped rifles at 25yds, and for the Edisons who walk downrange while I am shooting, and yell back, "it's ok, I see how you shoot" where it is time to go anyhow, knowing they actually have a loaded firearm within arms reach and are in eyesight of me.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/22/18 08:06 AM

My "solution" to the wait for slow pokes at the range is to start shooting!! Tends to make them move rather quickly.

Our outdoor range is run very well and slow pokes are not really tolerated.

The range officer is a good friend of mine and is quite up on all the recent information but wanted to be double sure.

It is on state land and they can be somewhat nasty about some things so we basically stay on the safe side of caution.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/22/18 07:29 PM

(in a Brit accent) Well then....right.....

(in USA accent) Then I take back everything I said, except for the part about much preferring to be by self in woods somewhere, rather than at a range.

Currently am again somewhere where unsupervised (aside from warden doing spot checks) free public ranges available on WMA land, and away from any town larger than 30,000, and so can mostly have even a range to self on weekdays. Still prefer grass and trees to concrete, dirt, and ground paved with shooting residue. Am still a country boy at heart, and do not like highly regulated anything. Rebel without a pause.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/23/18 08:45 AM

Yes,I tend to agree with you on that.
Yesterday,at the range,the XS front sight that I had recently installed flew off!!

Fortunately I located it a few feet behind me,so when I returned home,I put a 6X48 bead in place and glued the sight back on after making sure everything was cleaned off.

Hopefully this will be a permanent solution.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/23/18 12:25 PM

Wayne, most folk do not realize adhesives are considered a mechanical fastening system. Just trivia.

Best adhesion always attained by scuff sanding mating surfaces, removal of any coating prone to peeling off under shear or tension loads, thorough clean with a non-residue degreaser such as brake cleaner, air dry, and apply adhesive, clamp and allow full strength cure (especially on a sawed off shotgun!) which may be as long as 7 days.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/24/18 08:59 AM

This will have plenty of time to cure as we will be having rain tomorrow and I won't have the Shock Wave out until Saturday so basically it had at least six days to cure.

If that fails,there is always Duck Tape!!!

Also,I put some electrical tape on the area where the forearm straps are attached to the forearm as they tend to be somewhat sharp.

Posted by: Lofty

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/24/18 06:08 PM

If you are taking tape a full wrap around anything, there is a self-vulcanizing silicone stretchy wrap for hose and wire bundles.

It has no gooey adhesive, but only shiny new rubber tacky feel under a peel-off thin clear tape on that side, that when lightly stretched and overlaid, grabs itself tenaciously as to require cutting off, while physically sticking to nothing else.

Normally available in under the hood hotrod brick red, and black, and might be found at automotive parts or serious mechanics shops.

I had to take mine out and go shooting after your posts. As we know, a hoot to shoot, and a real blast. Take THAT, you dirty mafioso types! You call THAT a lupara?! I'll show you a lupara!!
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 04/25/18 08:21 AM

It sees that the "Shock Wave Bug" tends to grow on you.

Once you get one,you tend to want to shoot it often.

I should have purchased one when they first came out,but was mislead by the Cabela/Bass Pro policy of not selling them.

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 05/04/18 08:48 AM

Range session tomorrow with the Shock-Wave (again) and also my Charter Arms BullDog that I "Boomerized".

Now that the outdoor range is open I have 2-3 sessions a week there.

Posted by: Peter_Kaufman

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/07/18 05:47 PM

Just picked one up, haven't shot it yet, but might be a good Jeep gun

Posted by: pappy19

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/07/18 07:36 PM

Good for those Utah Zombies!! I use big magnets to hold my Glocks and extra mag. You might consider that on your roll bar for that Shocker.

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/08/18 08:46 AM

That looks really nice.

What I did to mine was put a bit of electrical tape over the ends of the fore end nylon strap. Those straps ends,at least on mine,tend to be sharp.

I also put on a set of detachable sling swivels and a nylon 1 1/4" sling.

I also replaced the front sight with a large XS bead that fits over the factory sight.

I find that the Mossberg Shock-Wave is far superior to the Remington TAC-14. In fact,at least in my opinion,the TAC-14 is no comparison.

I also see that Inland Mfg is making a copy of the Ithaca Stakeout in conjunction with Ithaca. Looks pretty much like the ones used by the NYPD Stake out squad years ago.

Let us know how your new Shock-Wave does on the range. Remember to use the strong "push/pull " hold on the gun. Recoil is not bad at all unless you insist on using 3" mags.

Posted by: TAH

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/10/18 10:55 AM

Got a Shockwave for our son for Christmas. Can't wait to shoot it myself. grin
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/11/18 08:01 AM

I know that you will enjoy the Shock-Wave that you bought for your son.

Did you really buy it for your son or plan on "holding it" for him for a "while"

Take a look at the Thunder Ranch review and use of the Shock-Wave.

Clint Smith does an excellent job in demonstrating the correct technique of shooting it.

Remember to have your hand in the fore arm strap. It is there for a good reason.

Posted by: TAH

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/11/18 08:40 AM

Thanks for the tips, Wayne. Our son is 21, so it will be his gun. He already has a conceal carry license for his Sig 365. He truly is a poster child for a responsible gun owner. He has been shooting with me since he was 5 and knows gun safety. He doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs, level headed, common sense, discreet, no temper, no traffic violations. He's a great kid and he got all of that from his mom. But he does have my feet. grin

We'll check out the Thunder Ranch review. To get started, I bought some Aguila 12ga. Minishells 1 3/4", but I'm sure he will go full load soon.
Posted by: Billy Poyner

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/11/18 09:14 AM

Have to disagree with you.He's not a kid.You and your wife raised
a kid into a Fine Young Man!!!!
Posted by: TAH

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/11/18 09:59 AM

Thanks Billy! smile
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 08:17 AM

Congratulations on raising a fine young man.

As for me,I was quite the heck raiser. Never got in trouble with the law or in school however....

If you shoot the mini shells in the Shock-Wave you will need to buy a small rubber adapter that fits in the bottom of the magazine well to assure proper functioning. I think it is about $15. or so.

Using the Aguila shells increases the magazine capacity by about another three rounds or so.

By the way,many folks don't know this, but Aguila is a Remington owned company.

Now that your son is going to have a Shock-Wave,are you going to get one for yourself so you don't have to "borrow" you son's all the time??

Posted by: TAH

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 09:53 AM

Thanks Wayne!

I never thought about buying a Shockwave for myself, but it seems perfect for home defense.

Regarding the small rubber adapter, could you post a link, so I know what to purchase.

Thanks for your help!
Posted by: TAH

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 09:58 AM

Wayne, is this it?

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 03:22 PM

Yes that is it. In fact I am going to order one shortly in case I come across some of the Aquila mini shot shells.

In fact,tomorrow I am going to my Class 3 dealer to pick up my tax stamp that just arrived. Just 4 days shy of eight months since they received the application . I was expecting to wait much longer.

That dealer does have the Aguila mini shot shells.

Top Dog
Posted by: TAH

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 05:15 PM

Thanks for letting me know about the adapter, Wayne. Glad you said something! I just ordered one.

BTW, is Aguila the only manufacturer that offers 12 ga. mini shells?
Posted by: Windsor

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 07:01 PM

What do you guys think about these critters?
Posted by: W Polidori

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 07:30 PM

They look devastating. I seriously doubt that I would find them in NY.
Posted by: tomthbomb

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 07:43 PM

I have an old Remington 870 that used to have the Pachmeyer Vindicator grip as well as a Pachmeyer fore end grip. The barrel is 18 1/4". I had it bead blasted and reblued. It was the perfect Jeep shotgun before the days of legal concealed carry. I still have the 870 but for some reason put the stock stock back on. I Now I will have to scrounge through my collection of "stuff" and reinstall the Pachmeyrs.

Btw, this was so long ago the grip does not have the Packmeyer logo medallion. I never liked that when they added it to their grips. I would prowl the gun shows looking for pre-medallion grips to buy.
Posted by: W Polidori

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/12/18 09:03 PM

The Shock Wave will get the job done, however old days gone bye also got it done. Double pulled once, it was a memorable experience.
Nothing like a stagecoach side by side shotgun. If you've never experienced it, do it.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/13/18 08:25 AM

Causing a Coach gun to "double" I might be crazy but not STEWPID!!!

Actually it was common in the old west to double as it assured that at least one bbl would go off. Ammo during that time was not terribly reliable.

In fact,Doc.Holliday had a Belgium 10 ga sawed off that he had in a shoulder rig of sorts that allowed him to swivel the gun up to position to fire....both bbls!!!

At this time,I think Aguila is the only company offering minis shells.

I have heard about the duplex products but until now never seen them in print.

If you want a real treat,try some Brenneke 12 ga 3" magnums.Touch one of those off and you know that the bull did it in the buckwheat for sure.

Posted by: Windsor

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/13/18 10:51 AM

SxS is the only shotgun I own. I bought a Charles Daly "way back" because they offered a lifetime warranty (much like Springfield Armory and their M1As).

A few years after I bought it, they went bankrupt. sigh.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/13/18 12:43 PM

I do hope that you have not had any problems with your Charles Daly double. I heard that they were pretty good. Made in Spain???

If they were,the Spanish have made some pretty good doubles.

Posted by: Windsor

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/13/18 02:44 PM

Spain, yes. Zabala Hermanos, 2004.

The cowboys on the internet poop on that name.

I haven't had any troubles with it and it has functioned fine so far. There's nothing fancy about it, just a functional SxS boom stick.

Maybe CD pushed some quality controls on their import order(s). *shrug*
Posted by: Brent

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/13/18 03:59 PM

Always wanted a nice 20 gauge sxs coach gun. Maybe in the spring, I'll tell myself its a rabbit hunting upgrade.
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/14/18 08:41 AM

It is always good to have some "reason" for yet another piece.

Like you always "need" another 10/22 of sorts or yet another Randall or Behring Knife.

I remember.years ago,telling my wife that I want to take all my "stuff" with me when the Good Lord takes me.

She just looked at me and said "What size pyramid?"

Posted by: TAH

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/14/18 08:53 AM

Hey Wayne,

I sent you a PM. Look for the little yellow flashing thingy at the top of the page. smile
Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/15/18 09:16 AM

Yep I got it. I always wondered what that flashy thing was.

I thought it was a warning about black helicopters or UFOs...

Posted by: Wayne Dengler

Re: Mossberg Shock Wave - 12/31/18 11:35 AM

I recently purchased an OpSol mini adapter clip for my Shock-Wave so I could shoot the Aguila mini shotshells.

Takes just a few seconds to install and remove.

Functioned flawlessy but shooting the mini shells was like shooting 22 shorts.

Might be fine for informal shooting but I prefer the standard ,full power loads.