VST "subdued" Randall knives

Posted by: Rob_Schoening

VST "subdued" Randall knives - 03/06/11 07:18 PM

Hello all!

It is a great pleasure to "officially" announce the VST Randalls here at the RKS Forums. This is a project that Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical and myself have been working on for sometime.

Here are the details, the VST (Vickers-Schoening Tactical) Randalls are a limited run of Randall knives that are designed with sole intent of providing a more “combat ready” Randall knife to those going in harm’s way. The knives, knife options, finishes and sheaths were all selected to provide the best possible set up for those wanting a subdued Randall for their kit.

To clarify, Randall Made knives DOES NOT offer any type, or form of "subdued" finish, to include parkerizing, as an option on any of the knives in their product line. With that said, the VST Randalls will all be parkerized or bead blasted, and resharpened by LHGK.

This a limited run, only 100 knives per Randall Model will be available, for a total of 300 knives. These Randalls will be marked with a VST serial number, VST14/000 for example, and will be delivered with a custom Randall sheath and a signed letter of authenticity.

We are only offering three Randall Models with this series, the #14 "Attack", Model #15 "Airman", and Model #18 "Attack-Survival". The knives will come in either parkerized carbon steel or bead blasted stainless steel.

With the sheaths we wanted something a bit stronger than the regular leather sheaths, so we added rivetts. And, to help them shed water, we stuck to either black or waxed-brown leather. We also added a drain hole in the the bottom of the sheath to help them "empty out" should they get wet. Finally, to help guys conceal them under ammo pouches and such, we dropped the hone pockets.

One last concern with the series, mounting them to modern Molle gear. As an added option, Tactical Tailor Malice Clips and mounting hardware can be purchased. These clips allow the sheaths to be mounted in a variety of methods: upside down, right side up, diagnol, side ways, and under other pouches. We have tried this set up and it works...I just sent my buddy off to Afghanistan with these clips attached to his Randall sheath!

Order details and pricing can be found here: LHGK.US

More information about Larry Vickers and his Randalls can be found here: Randalls In Use - Larry Vickers

Rob's Parkerizing "torture test" thread can be found here: Torture Test

- Rob

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Re: VST "subdued" Randall knives - 06/29/11 10:56 AM

Several more #14's getting ready to ship out.

- Rob

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Re: VST "subdued" Randall knives - 07/19/11 08:36 PM

Several recently finished Model 15's and Model 18's.

- Rob

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Re: VST "subdued" Randall knives - 07/20/11 10:28 AM

Can't wait :-))
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Re: VST "subdued" Randall knives - 07/21/11 05:18 AM

Really nice stuff Rob !